a gateway into the world of dreams, myth and archetypes

I perceive myself as a storyteller, one that might through my work, inspire others to become consciously aware of the collective human experience.I love discovering the many unexpected role- models in religion ,mythology, art  and the collective analysis handed down through generations to be paid attention to or not.

I start my work with thorough research of the theme to be portrayed via a sculpture. I take great care to describe, in a short text to go with the sculpture, the essence of the piece offered to you. However, it is important to note that since the themes are collective and thus often come out of the collective unconscious, there is a strong possibility for the onlooker to discover meanings that I did not know were there. Each work can become a personal expression of the buyer every bit as much as it is an expression of the artist. That is the beauty of it.

As in prehistoric cave paintings, I seek to portray the large idea. I avoid having a piece too analytical or copied from a real person’s countenance; to do so would be a mere copy of one person’s particular physiology and thus have no collective value at all.

The human experience, in my view, is not so much an experience of a male or female as it is simply an all-encompassing experience of being human. That I sculpt the themes more often as a female and far from physically perfect as not to interfere with the story told, is merely because the form and feeling is my own.

Looking for a unique setting, where casual elegance is juxtaposed with earthy sensibilities?

Bring your special someone, groups, family and/or friends for a private showing & discussion of all things Art. All you need to bring is: a genuine interest in works of art.

You will see works by the galleries fine guest-artists as well as the sculptures created by Ingrid Gipson.

Enjoy an afternoon or evening in casual country elegance. Light refreshments, luncheons as well as multi course dinners are easily arranged. You may enjoy a tour of all Ingrid’s Building-Projects, Gardening and Animal activities, all with the backdrop of the beautiful Ouachita Mountain region close at hand.

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Visit Ingrid Gipson Sculptures Studio & Gallery the first Saturday of each month from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM for a personal showing of Ingrid’s sculptures as well as the two dimensional works of her guest artists she represents. All are dedicated to working to the highest standard.  For a list of all upcoming events, click here.

Ingrid Gipson Sculptures Studio & Gallery

60674 River Lane
Hodgen, OK 74939

Phone: (918) 839-0067

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