Purchasing Terms & Conditions

  • All items available are unique, 1 of a kind creations and all sales are final – no returns
  • No sales tax is charged to purchases made outside of Oklahoma.

I) Sculptures By Ingrid Gipson

Each piece is sculpted without molds what so ever and is ‘one of a kind’. I am interested in the many different aspects or facets of a personality, thus I allow myself to repeat a theme ten times recognizable by the Roman numeral after the title. Of course it follows that each sculpture will be different from the previous one in color, shape or emphasis.

Each sculpture will tell of it’s becoming, in shape, obviously but as well in the glazes and color changes from one firing to the next. Glazes that, at relatively low temperature firings, will be clear and bright and dusky in gas firing.

The pressures that clay must submit to in the firing processes are enormous. Some firing will go up to an unbelievable temperature of 2000 to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Any moisture, any particles, any air pockets in the clay body must yield to those pressures and fissures are almost certain to occur. I have had pieces literally break apart at firings; those are discarded, however, as long as there is structural integrity, small fissures or detachments of small pieces are repaired and become part of the idea of the piece as well as evidence of its passage in the process of becoming.

II) Works of Art by Guest Artists

Each piece offered is a unique creation by the artist represented and all information is as provided.


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