Melody of the Soul

From Ingrid Gipson’s “Inner Journeys – Timeless Spaces” Series


No Longer Available


Medium : white stone ware clay, multiple glazes and gold luster- to be wall-mounted

Size: life sized

Music is much like a conversation with our ancient soul, that we are compelled to share with others.

…she listens to the guiding of her internal music, she hums the melody; when she understands with her brain what her soul tells her she will, perhaps, use the poets words and compose combined with the melody to share her feelings in form of song. She, perhaps, composes a larger representation of her music for many instruments or she might use her body in movement to express those emotions that are so elusive. This then is the Muse of Music. This is the realm in which the composer and the choreographer move.

The triangle on the sculptures forehead is a symbol of Eternity out of which inspiration flows as if in drops of pure gold.