Snake Goddess III

From Ingrid Gipson’s “People Of The Dawn” Series


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Medium: stoneware clay, multiple glazes & acrylics on wood base

Size: about 29.5” tall x 15” wide x 13” deep

At the beginning of the Bronze Age on a mountainous island in the Mediterranean now called Crete arose an elaborate civilization the so-called Minoans. Their religion was most likely polytheistic and matriarchal; their politics involved no warfare and thus allowed for all efforts to be directed toward developing commerce via trade routes to Egypt, Asia and Africa. Their culture was very sophisticated which is evident in the beautiful objects of art, architecture and seemingly utter delight in daily life.

Archeologists discovered in a stone lined pit a small faience statuette of a Snake Goddess. This little clay figurine serves well as an example of Cretan art, combining the two dominant characteristics of grace and naturalism.

I remember admiring one of those statues at the Natur Historische Museeum in Mainz, Germany when I was a very young girl- obviously it made a large impression with its utter grace, multi colors and the very foreignness of its countenance.

I had so much fun interpreting my own version in clay and multiple glazes. It was important to keep the historical look authentic without simply copying, I made the eyes a little softer and the cat on her headdress more defined her figure a little less voluptuous. I hope she can bring as much of a sense of joy to you as she did for me.