Turning Toward The Morning Star I

From Ingrid Gipson’s “People Of The Dawn” Series


No Longer Available


Medium: Stoneware clay, multiple glazes, acrylics on wood base

Size: about 26” tall x 14” wide x 7.5 “ deep

She is based on the Mississipian Culture, or Mound Builders, from about 1,500 years ago to about 800 A.D.

Her clothing and Finery is historically correct. I was fortunate to have the Resident Archeologist of the mound builders exhibit in Spiro, Oklahoma, help me with the research in to the background of this figure.The exception is that the males of the Mississippian’s wore all the fun and impressive regalia-so- I have taken the artistic liberty of bestowing all of it on to this female figure. While Cahokia was the trade and ruling Center, Spiro was to the Mound Builders more of the spiritual center. Note on the back of her Copper head dress the equidistant cross in a circle and the power symbol of the eye in the hand on the front of the headdress.The white dress itself is an exact copy of a sketch made at the site of dig. The little white Sea shells on her armband were used as we use money today to purchase what our hearts desire.