Dream Scapes III

From Ingrid Gipson’s “Encounters With The Soul” Series


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Medium: stone ware clay, multiple glazes, acrylics & gold luster, on wood base

Size: about 19” tall x 17” wide x 14” deep

Dream Scapes is blatantly Jungian in motive and subject matter. I used this face sculpture to portray the state of being when dreaming or meditating. The dreaming we do when the subconscious speaks to us. If we listen and observe the inner self will make itself known. We may find answers to our questions; find revelations of what might be puzzling to us in the waking state. In that lovely& at times terrifying world we find that which some of the symbols suggest: the triangle on her pendant stands for Eternity. The woman has taken off her mask; it’s not needed in this world of the mind and very soul. Here she must be her absolute self. Here she goes to find pieces of herself not yet known to her. The spiral is used in all cultures since pre-history; it is powerful in its meaning. The spiral represents the endless and ever more enriching path of self discovery and spiritual exploration. The bindings at her throat and around her face show the withdrawn state of mind necessary for dwelling in the internal stillness. The recurring image of fertility is the egg.You will notice the snake having apparently come through the hole from deep within, the meaning of the snake is many fold, regeneration is one, wisdom and power of healing another. The snake may also be seen as something frightening when it is denied and locked away deep within the subconscious-yet when we are brave and allow our self to let that which is unknown to come out, we might find it not only benign but very beautiful and enriching to us. You will also see the signs for water as well as the moon phases, gleaned out of mythology as was and is to a lesser degree of great import to humans.