Anima II

From Ingrid Gipson’s “Encounters With The Soul” Series


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Medium: stoneware clay, multiple glazes, acrylics & gold luster on wood base

Size: life sized, about: 17” tall x 16” wide x 7.5 “wide

This sculpture is based purely and unabashedly on the theory of C.G. Jung’s Collective Archetypes. I will simply state that in the unconscious of everyman there is hidden a feminine personality the ANIMA, and in that of every woman a masculine personality the ANIMUS.

A man therefore has in him a feminine side, an unconscious feminine figure-a fact of which he is generally unaware; the opposite is true of women. These two major archetypal figures appear in dreams as well as in the collective mythologies of all people. As an individual, say a woman, you can easily recognize the voice of the Animus. It’s the one that says” you are so incompetent, you cannot possibly accomplish that or this, you are so ugly, always have been etc. For a man it’s the Animathat gives those terribly paralyzing statements. There is some good news about having this Anima and Animus to content with and it is this: In a well individuated person, male or female, this archetype is recognized inthe active conscious mind and can now be of great benefit in our lives.