Primal Foundations Remembered


No Longer Available


Collaborative work by: Peter Lippincott ( Ceramics) Design & painting on wood: Ingrid Gipson
6’ wide x 19.5” deep x 32.5 “ tall Wood , ceramics, acrylic & polyurethane

Due to the size, this item is pick up only

The inspiration for this work was taken from several sources : Genesis: chapter 1:2 “And the earth was without form and void; …” from this great nothingness our earth and our experience through eons of time have unfolded. The center rings symbolize not just the actual waters of earth but also our subconscious mind where knowledge is stored within. On the left top of the table is a representation of marshes teaming with life and on the right side is a representation of the earliest environment where water and earth mingle in to a rich mixture to give life. All of it symbolizing how life came to be. The paintings are of early man’s hunting and the huge mammals that sustained them. The spirals painted at the top of the leg-joints have been for as long as we can recall the symbol for the path of becoming.