Lost In Memories

From Ingrid Gipson’s “Listen To The Voice Of Our Experience” Series


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Medium: stoneware clay, wax & acrylic patina, on wood base

Size: life sized, about 17.5” tall x 19” wide x 11.5” deep

Lost in memories can be similar to dreaming, meditating or praying. If one has lived for any significant time at all one will have accumulated memories, some sweet, some hurtful, some

filled with regret, others filled with joy, profound sadness or moments of great insight and personal development.

Images might drift through our minds from long ago or even recent-all amounting to getting lost, even for just a little time, in memories.

I wanted this sculpture to reflect some of these fleeting emotions while drifting thus through memories; a bit pensive, a bit at peace, a bit of acceptance —