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  • Curating a wonderful collection of fine Art

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    It is an honor to have been asked to curate a collection that Mrs. Nadine Hardin-Miller has collected with a ‘fine honed’ eye for very special pieces over many years. We have mounted over 30 pieces of Fine Art in the Foyer so far.It is a joy to see a collection coming to life. Mrs. Hardin- Miller’s home in Ft Smith, Arkansas is a perfect show case for her collection.

  • Curating for RMCC

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    I was honored to be asked by Maureen Keese, to curate an exhibit for Rich Mountain Community College in Mena, Arkansas. Not only ceramics were exhibited but beautiful quilts as well, making the curating job a joy to do.

  • Film Crew

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    It came as a surprise to me when Morrisa Malz ( film director)approached me to do a documentary on my somewhat multi faceted life I had camera people following me around while gathering rocks for building projects, while eating breakfast( of all things) while sculpting and helping my goat, Karin-Heidi, giving birth to a buckling. This was a little over a year ago. It started out to just be a so-called short film of 15 to 20 minutes and then it morphed in to wanting to be a full length film. When this project will finally be completed is pretty much any ones guess-

  • Property Views

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    I am so fortunate to live surrounded by natures beauty. My valley is only about a mile or so wide with the Ouachita’s winding stair mountains on the north and the Kiamichi mountain ridge on the South with the Kiamichi River right behind the cabin, gallery & studio. The remoteness suits me even if the trips for firing my sculptures, grocery shopping& errand running require a drive of a minimum of 60 miles (round trip)