Rebecca I

From Ingrid Gipson’s “Women Of The Old Testament” Series


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Medium: stoneware clay, wax & acrylic patina

Size: 17” tall x 15” wide x 12” deep

What a complex relationship between Isaac and Rebecca. Isaac and Rebecca were the only absolutely monogamous couple in Genesis. Isaac;they were complementary but opposite in character. Isaac was a meditator and Rebecca had clarity of vision.

Her pregnancy with twin sons was a nightmare, in gut wrenching despair she called to God, he answered her directly and said: “ There are two nations in your womb…the elder will serve the younger.”It was then that Rebecca understood that her son Jacob’s leadership had to be insured. Rebecca intervened as Isaac prepared to give his soul’s blessing to his favorite son Esau. Thus Jacob received the necessary blessing and so became the father of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

As you know- Rebecca carried the burden of having to betray her husband, wounding her son Esau and sending her beloved son Jacob away to fulfill his destiny, never to see him again.

Rebecca, not Isaac, was the dynamic force in the second generation. The divine plan was revealed to her and the responsibility for carrying it out rested on her shoulders alone. Rebecca never hesitated. Her decisiveness determined destiny.