I am inspired by all beauty around me, people, nature, and still life, and am attracted by all their complexities.  It is my ultimate goal to capture that “illusive extra something” that will touch and inspire.  Inspiration for my paintings come from my photography of subjects that excite me by their beauty or touch me in an emotional sense.  All my paintings are connected through the use of vivid, transparent, multi-layers of glazed color.  Often times, I will micro image a subject to add a touch of abstract to realism.  It is also my goal to create a luminous body of work that will resonate my visions and feelings, capture a viewer’s imagination through the unexpected, and grace lives.  A painting should be a journey of enlightenment for an artist as well as the viewer.  Many would call me a natural artist.  I have always drawn and painted.  However, I received private instruction at a young age with Florence McIntyre who is considered the mother of The Memphis School of Art.  Over many years I received private instruction while living in Europe for eight years and attended seminars by some of America’s Master Watercolorists.  Many of my paintings have won awards over the years with the latest being the Gold Award, the Best of Show Award, at the 47th Mid-Southern Watercolor Exhibition.  My paintings have appeared in Jackson Mississippi Museum, Jacksonville North Carolina Museum, Taos New Mexico Museum, Fulton Missouri Winston Churchill Museum, The Rockport Texas and The Little Rock Art Centers, as well as Gallery 246, Batesville, Arkansas, The South West Artist Gallery in Mena, Arkansas, and at the 1894 Gallery in Texarkana, AR.

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