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  • Arrivals

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    We have had many variations of transportation to Big Cedar, Oklahoma and my studio/Gallery. Whether you come by bus, van, truck automobile or grand limousine- the only transport, so far , we have not had horse & buggy. No matter which way you arrive, you will always be very welcome and will be sure to have a wonderful time in a wonderful country setting with art to enjoy as well as fall in love with and take home with you.

  • Gallery Visitors - Groups Large and Small

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    …just some snap-shots of gallery fun. Sharing food, enjoying Art, good conversation & finding treasures.

  • Dinner for Twelve

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    It came as a surprise to me when Morrisa Malz ( film director)approached me to do a documentary on my somewhat multi faceted life I had camera people following me around while gathering rocks for building projects, while eating breakfast( of all things) while sculpting and helping my goat, Karin-Heidi, giving birth to a buckling. This was a little over a year ago. It started out to just be a so-called short film of 15 to 20 minutes and then it morphed in to wanting to be a full length film. When this project will finally be completed is pretty much any ones guess-