My philosophy on art and life is very much in alignment with the Art Nouveau movement of the early nineteen hundreds.

Roughly defined Art is: the visual Arts, Performing Arts, literary Art, Culinary Art, industrial design, craft, architecture and so on, become ever more vague in our modern definition.

I find it challenging to separate art from any other things or activities, thus my belief that the highest form of art is a life well lived.

Thus when you visit my Studio, Gallery, Garden, Animal housing and property in general you will see evidence of my idea on art and hopefully find some aspects you wish to adopt or acquire for your own joy and Art in your Life.
The life-style I have created for myself allows me to connect art with pretty much everything I do; whether it is building stairs down the bluff, walls for a courtyard, a storm cellar or garden or build simple raised flower beds and outdoor bread baking oven with native stone. There is a Zen like quality to gathering rocks from a creek bed, rocks that are sturdy for building and pleasing in color and shape to the eye. When I get in to a nice ‘zone’ I can also let my mind invent sculptural shapes, or themes for sculptures, or ways to share my thoughts and ideas with others.

There is also satisfaction in sharing art related activities with others away from my studio & gallery; such as teaching the process of building a sculpture, going to a mission for the homeless and evaluating if art might be helpful in creating hope or just a moment of pleasure in an otherwise very hard life. And then there are the disasters, such as bears on the property, animals dying from predators, weeds on steroids taking over the vegetable garden and sculptures being destroyed during firing where thermal stresses are destructive.

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